How To Ease Your Recovery Following Sedation Dentistry

Are you concerned that you may not be able to wake up easily following your sedation dentistry procedure? Sedation dentistry is one of the easiest, most relaxing ways to complete a dental procedure, but some may worry that they may react adversely to sedation. When waking from sedation, you may feel disoriented or even panicked. There are a few things that you can do to help.

Never Eat Before the Procedure

Your dentist will tell you not to eat, and it's very important that you listen to this advice. When undergoing general anesthesia, not eating is usually required so you won't choke in your sleep. Sedation dentistry doesn't put you as far under, but there's still a reason why your dentist asks you not to eat: sedation itself can make people feel very nauseated, especially when they are waking. Before your procedure, drink only water.

Get Some Music

Ask a friend, or even your dentist, to help you play some music following the procedure. Music is known to be very calming during stressful situations; select some of the songs that you like the most to guide you out of your sedation. This will give you something to focus on. You can even play your music during the procedure itself; many people do this to calm their nerves prior to the sedative kicking in.

Manage Your Nausea and Discomfort

If the room feels as though it's spinning or your stomach feels as though it's doing loops inside of you, take a deep breath and then rest your head between your knees. Breathe slowly and deeply until the feeling passes. Don't take any medications for the nausea; your body is already recovering from one medication, you don't want to mix in another one.

Bring Something Comforting From Home

While you may feel silly, bringing something such as a blanket or a special keepsake from home may make it much easier for you to transition out of sedation. Many people become emotional when waking up from sedation; it is not that they are actually upset, it's simply an affect that the sedative has on the mind. It may help you to have something that you value close by.

Give yourself enough time to recover; don't feel as though you need to rush out of the clinic, even if it seems as though others are waiting. Some people naturally take longer to recover from sedation than others, and there is nothing wrong with waiting until you feel well. And if you do feel as though you're going to panic, don't worry. Your dentist and the dental clinic's staff are professionals and are used to the effects of sedation. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself or accidentally offending someone; they've already seen it all.