What Can Be Done About Your Jagged Teeth?

If you have jagged teeth, then you may not be thrilled with the look of your smile. However, there is good news for you and that is there are some different things the dentist can do to help you get rid of those pointy teeth and get a smile you'll be much happier about. Here are some of the things the dentist may offer to do in order to give you nicer-shaped teeth:

Your teeth may be able to be filed down

If the dentist feels you have an excessive amount of enamel, they may be able to file the points off without causing any damage to your teeth. However, they won't want to do this if it means not leaving you with enough enamel afterward to continue to properly protect your teeth in the future. Your dentist will give you a complete exam, so they will know whether or not this is an option for your situation. If it is, then it is a simple way to get a smile you'll be satisfied with after. The process of hand-shaping your teeth in this manner is known as 'contouring'.

Your teeth may be added on to

If your enamel is simply too thin to take any enamel off, then the dentist may want to build up the bottoms of your teeth in another form of contouring in which they will add bonding to the bottoms. The dentist will use hand tools and a bonding material to add more to the teeth and shape them in a way that makes them look more appealing. The material used will be perfectly matched up to the color of your teeth, so your teeth will look all the same color and natural once the procedure is done.

Porcelain veneers may be a good repair option

If your teeth are jagged, but also have other concerns, such as thin enamel, discoloration or other problematic issues, then the dentist may want to use porcelain veneers. They will need to shape your teeth to make them smaller and the right size to fit the veneers. However, not only can you say goodbye to those pointy ends, but also to other flaws because the veneers will cover them, and the surfaces of those beautiful veneers will be all that's visible. They can also strengthen problematic teeth, so you will be able to prevent dental issues down the line.

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