Looking For An Alternative To Traditional Orthodontics? What Dental Crowns Can Do For Your Smile

When you have crooked, chipped or discolored teeth, it can affect the way you feel about yourself and how you interact with other people. While traditional orthodontics can give you a nice, straight smile, they do nothing for other cosmetic problems. Dental crowns, on the other hand, can fix many different problems with your teeth.

Chipped, Cracked or Broken

No matter where in your mouth you have a chip or crack, you can have a porcelain dental crown put on it to remedy the problem. You dentist will match the color of the crown to the natural tooth so it is not noticeable. The crown can be a partial crown, leaving a portion of your tooth exposed, or a complete crown, covering all the way to the gums. Any imperfection in a tooth can be made invisible with a crown.

Crooked or Gapped Teeth

If you do not have a bad alignment problem, and you have an even gum line, dental crowns can be used to close a gap between your teeth. They can also take care of teeth that are not straight up and down. While it may take a few office visits and up to a month to have your smile straightened with dental crowns, it is much faster than wearing braces for a year or two.

Discolored or Decayed Teeth

If you drink a lot of coffee or tea, smoke, or have discolored teeth due to medications, the problem can be resolved with dental crowns. This procedure is best when the problem is only one or a few teeth. When a tooth has decayed, after having all the decay cleaned out, it may have a hole in it. Instead of having it pulled and needing an implant or partial bridge, you can have the tooth crowned.

Dental crowns can give you a healthy-looking, beautiful smile in a short amount of time. You will not have to go through the pain of having braces or an implant. Also, if you are getting a crown and would like your teeth to be whiter than what they are, have the whitening treatment done before having the crown made. This way, your teeth will all be the same color and the crown will not stand out. Having a nice smile will be a boost to your life and well worth having a few dental crowns put on, so visit a dentist, like those represented at http://www.adazzlingsmile.com, to improve your smile today.