Learn How To Sleep Through All Of Your Dental Procedures

When the noise and stress associated with dental work is too much to handle, you need to find a reliable solution to your problem. Sedation dentistry is one such option that allows you to sleep through all of your dental procedures. However, it is important know more about each method, so you can choose the right sleeping option for your needs.

Oral Medication

One form of sedation dentistry relies on oral medication. Most dentists use this type of medication in low dosages to help their patients relax before an appointment.

In high dosages, some sedatives make you drowsy, while others have the same effect on the brain as if someone hypnotized you. These chemicals trick your brain into thinking you are asleep, so your mind stays calm during the procedure. In this state, the body is more concerned with internal functions rather than external stimulus.  

The only downside to oral medications is that each one can affect you differently. For example, when some people take a light sedative it knocks them out, while the same medication has no effect on other people. With this in mind, it may take a few tries before the dentist finds the right dosage and chemical that works best at putting you to sleep.

Twilight Sleep

Another option is IV sedation, which is commonly referred to as twilight sleep. With this method, the dentist places a needle into a vein and then attaches the IV. The IV serves two purposes, which includes keeping you hydrated and it gives the dentist the ability to increase the medication if the procedure takes longer than expected to complete.

These chemicals, as with some oral sedatives, put you into a sleep-like state. In actuality, you are unaware of what is happening around you, but you can follow simple instructions. This one factor is why many dentists use this form of sedation for dental work.

Many people also develop anterograde amnesia due to the medication. This form of amnesia prevents you from forming new memories while under the influence of the sedative. Once the medication wears off, the short-term amnesia goes away and you continue to create new memories once again.

When the idea of dental work stresses you out, you should look into sedation options. Many dentists offer different sedation methods that may suit your personal needs. It is best to consult a dentist, such as Quality Dental Care L.L.C., to find out which ones are ideal for helping you sleep through any dental work you need done.