How To Reduce Teeth Sensitivity So That You Can Get Your Teeth Whitened Comfortably

Getting your teeth whitened is an awesome process that can restore your confidence and make you feel better about your smile and the way that you look in general. However, it can also be frustrating for those that have sensitive teeth because it can be difficult to undergo some tooth whitening procedures without feeling pain. Because you know that you are going to experience pain, you might be less consistent about keeping up with the treatments and your teeth will revert back to their normal color. Here are some ways that you can reduce the sensitivity in your teeth so that you can get your teeth whitened in comfort.

1. Use Toothpaste With Potassium Nitrate

One thing that you can do is to schedule a teething whitening appointment a few weeks out and then use toothpaste that contains potassium nitrate for those weeks before your appointment. If you use the toothpaste on a regular basis, it will build up a protective layer over the exposed dentin in your teeth. This will block the tooth whitening laser that the dentist will use to whiten your teeth from hitting the dentin and causing you pain. You will need to use this toothpaste consistently for a few weeks before you get your teeth whitened again, although many people choose to use it all the time in order to also reduce their sensitivity to very hot and very cold foods.

2. Stay Away From Acidic Foods During the Weeks Leading Up to Your Appointment

The next thing that you want to do is halt the spread of sensitivity by reducing the damage that you are putting them through. A few weeks before your teeth whitening appointment, stop eating and drinking foods that have high acid contents, such as any food that contains lemons or limes, or anything that is lemon or lime flavored, such as sodas. This will allow you reduce the amount of enamel that is being stripped away and increase the amount of protection that your teeth have, as well as increase the effectiveness of the potassium nitrate in the toothpaste.

3. Use Fluoride Varnish

Finally, consider talking to your dentist about having a fluoride varnish painted onto your teeth. This varnish will provide an additional level of protection between your teeth and the laser whitening procedure, decreasing the chances that you will be in pain when you get your teeth whitened. The varnish needs to be applied regularly in order to retain its protective powers.

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