You Got Something In Your Teeth: The Teenagers’ Care Package For Braces

Going to high school with food in between your braces is one of the most terrifying things that a teenager can deal with. There are several things that first-time braces wearers don't think of. For instance, they wouldn't think to pack away braces wax in their backpacks in case their mouth becomes irritated from the braces. They wouldn't know to bring a bite wafer to school with them if they need immediate relief from pain and pressure that is associated with wearing braces. Below is a list of items to pack for your child when they are going to school for the first time after getting braces.


The wiring in braces can poke and rub the inside of your mouth. This is bearable for a little while, but after an hour of constant rubbing and poking, the irritation that is caused is enough to make your teenager go insane. Pack a small amount of wax in your child's backpack so they can rub it on their braces to prevent this from happening. You can also pack a little analgesic cream to rub on their gums and the inside of their cheeks to stop the pain.

Small Mirror

There is always a good chance that their will be food stuck in between your child's braces right after eating lunch at school. Your teenager will pass by a lot of students as they rush to the bathroom to check their teeth. Save them from this embarrassment by sending them to school with a small and discreet mirror. They can pull the mirror out right after lunch to make sure there wasn't any food left behind.

Travel Toothbrush

Your child looks in their handy mirror and sees that the school lunch did leave bits of food behind. They can't sit in the cafeteria picking bits of food out of their mouth. Supplying them with a small toothbrush will also them to excuse themselves to the bathroom and give their braces a wash down before having to go to the period of classes. You can also add a few threaders in their backpacks if the toothbrush isn't enough to get all of the food bits.

High school is stressful enough for a teenage without adding to it with the embarrassment of bits and pieces of food being stuck in their braces. Help make your teenager's high school experience as embarrassment-free as possible by supplying them with a discreet and much needed braces care kit for when they go to school. Contact an orthodontist for more information.