Try Using Invisible Alignment Trays To Get Straight Teeth

If you are an adult that has decided to get braces, then you don't necessarily want the whole world to know that you are wearing them. You may feel somewhat embarrassed by having the braces and you don't want to feel like you are a kid. You just want to end up with straight teeth. There is one way to do that. That is to try wearing invisible alignment trays.

Invisible Alignment Trays

These are also sometimes called invisible or clear dental braces. They aren't truly braces, but they are more like retainers. The way that they work is that your doctor makes a mold of your teeth and plans how your teeth should end up. The trays are created so that they fit your mouth comfortably. When you put in one of the aligner trays, the molded tray won't precisely fit your teeth, it will actually be just off a little bit so that your teeth will start to move into the proper place. When your teeth are set perfectly into that tray, it's time to move to another tray. That generally takes a few weeks to happen. Eventually, your teeth will be where they should be and you won't have to wear the aligners anymore.

Benefits of Invisible Alignment Trays

There are several benefits to using these kinds of braces. One is that you can take them out to eat. That means that you aren't limited on your diet compared to wearing more traditional braces. That also means that you will be able to clean up the detritus of your meal easier. With traditional braces, the food can get caught around the brackets and under the wires, making it difficult to get rid of when you are brushing and making it harder for you to get your teeth as clean as you should. Another benefit is that you aren't going to have to worry about a bracket being knocked off your tooth, which can be painful and cause you to have to go to the dentist more often. There isn't anything that is glued on to your teeth, so there is nothing to get knocked loose. 

If you are an adult and are tired of your crooked teeth, you may want to get braces. However, you may not necessarily want the whole world to know that you have those braces. Invisible alignment trays can help keep your secret while getting you to your new teeth.