What To Expect When Going To The Dentist For The First Time

No matter how old you happen to be, it's never too late to start going to the dentist. There's just nothing like having your teeth examined and cleaned by a dental professional. You walk away from the experience feeling like your mouth is as fresh as a newborn baby. If you've never been to the dentist and have decided to start going, you might be a bit concerned about what it's going to be like. Don't let anxiety keep you from doing something that can only be beneficial. Here's a general idea of what you can expect when you go to the dentist, like those at Airport Road Dental Associates, for the very first time.

Expect To Have Oral X-Rays Taken

Because dentists aim to detect those problems that may not be readily apparent on the surface, they will usually require x-rays from the very start. It's a painless procedure that only takes a few minutes at best, so there's nothing to worry about.

The dental hygienist is the person who will typically take the x-rays. Hygienists work hand in hand with the dentist, acting as their professional counterpart who helps them meet with the patients. It's actually really cool to be able to see the x-rays after you've had them done. You may have never realized just how deeply set your teeth actually are and how far they extend into your gums.

Expect To Have Your Teeth Cleaned

After the x-rays have been taken, you can generally expect to have your teeth cleaned. This is also performed by the hygienist, who will have already transmitted the x-ray footage to the dentist for examination. While the hygienist is cleaning your teeth, they may offer valuable advice about how to care for your smile at home. They also often point out irregularities, such as the chips on your front teeth that are there because you love to bite the caps of all your pens!

Expect A Dental Consultation

The dental consultation is often done by the dentist themselves. They will convey any information about dental problems they found in your x-rays and offer treatment suggestions. If there happens to be more work that must be done on your teeth, the dentist will point you in the direction of the person who can schedule that for you.

Going to the dentist is all about self-care. With their assistance, you can enjoy great oral health now and far into the future.