How To Quickly Recover Your Appearance If Your Teeth Have Shifted After Having Braces

Getting braces as a child or young adult is something many people go through, and the results are typically spectacular. However, without proper maintenance and upkeep, teeth often shift again, returning to a crooked or uneven appearance. You can also have your teeth damaged by participating in physical activities like sports. If you once had a straightened smile and now don't like what you see in the mirror, you don't have to get braces again to restore your appearance. Here's how you can quickly get back to a straight-looking smile with the help of a cosmetic dentist:

The Problem With More Braces

If your teeth were straightened and then became crooked again, there's no reason why you can't get braces once more; however, this isn't ideal for most people. Correcting your smile with braces takes time and a significant amount of money. Once your braces are on, you have to deal with having a metal-lined smile, which most people who wore braces as children would probably tell you was unpleasant enough the first time around. If this sounds like something you don't want to endure again, the solution you're looking for is dental veneers.


Dental veneers are designed to repair the appearance of smiles in many different ways with one simple application. Veneers are made out of porcelain, just like other dental replacements such as crowns. They're tough and durable, but most of all they can make your smile look perfect.

Unlike crowns, dental veneers are made out of a thin layer of porcelain that's only adhered to the front of your teeth. They stand in front of your existing teeth like little shields, and are designed to create a straight, even, and perfectly white set of teeth. There is only minimal work done to underlying teeth when you get veneers, so for most people it's a much more approachable concept than a second set of braces.

Setup Process

Getting veneers is very easy: all you have to do is see a cosmetic dentist. Your dentist will examine your teeth to ensure that your dental health is up to the task. If it is, you'll choose a color and decide other specifics, like whether you want your teeth to look smaller or bigger if you're not happy with the general shape and size of your existing teeth.

Your dentist will order your veneers and have them shipped to their office. Once they're ready, you'll come back in and have them set up. This typically only requires a dental cleaning followed by professional-level adhesive to attach the veneers to your teeth. With that, you're finished. Your teeth will be as functional as they've always been, but your smile will look like you just got your braces off yesterday.

Dental veneers can vastly change and improve the look of your smile without causing any serious downtime or an unwanted appearance of a mouth full of metal. If you're tired of having crooked teeth, talk to a cosmetic dentist to find out if veneers are a good fit for you. For more information, you can contact companies like New Image Dental.