Do Dental Implants Pose Problems?

While dental implants are a common method of treating common tooth issues, the truth is that no method is completely void of risk. The good news is that dentists can address and treat most major issues with dental implants. If you face any major dental issues as a result of your implants, you have the opportunity to seek out help from a professional.

Implants Can Loosen or Fall Out

With time, a dental implant may fall out or become loose, typically because the bone does not create a good enough fusion with the implant. Another common cause for this is a loss in bone density. Inaccurate positioning of the implant can also impact your mouth's ability to maintain the device, as can any sort of trauma or injury to the mouth.

Dental Implant Infection

Infection is a serious concern for those who have recently had any sort of dental surgery, but extra care must be taken in considering dental implants. If you experience inflammation and infection, your immune system may begin to attack your gums and the implant attached to them. This can lead to a rejection of the implant.

Many dental patients do not even realize that they are facing infection. The key is to seek treatment for infection early on. Antibiotics and personal hygiene steps can ease the symptoms and prevent them from worsening. You can also prevent infection by not smoking and practicing good dental hygiene.

Some infections are a result of other health conditions making it difficult for your mouth to heal properly. Diabetes is one condition that can actually impact your body's ability to heal correctly after dental healing.

Nerve Damage

In some cases, dental implant installation can lead to issues like nerve damage. If you have previously gone to an inexperienced dentist, this could be a real issue you are facing. Installation could damage the roots of surrounding teeth, leading to feelings of numbness and discomfort in your mouth. You may also experience perforation in the sinus cavity. As you can see, the dentist's surgical technique matters.

You can avoid these complications associated with dental implants by selecting a high-quality dentist that you trust. If you suspect that you are facing any of these common issues linked to dental implants, make an appointment with your dentist right away. A professional dentist can take a look and help you determine the necessary steps to take for a healthier, happier smile.

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