Professional Teeth Whitening VS. Home Bleaching Kits

When you want to brighten up your smile, you might head to your local drugstore and pick up a home bleaching kit. They are cost-effective and easy-to-use. When you treat yourself to a professional teeth whitening session with your dentist, however, you may get better results. A professional teeth whitening treatment from your dentist may also be safer for your teeth and gums. Here are some comparisons between in-office whitening treatments and home bleaching kits:

Superior Results With Professional Services

Professional whitening treatments use higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide than home bleaching kits. Hydrogen peroxide is the bleaching agent that is responsible for removing dental stains. Because dentists are permitted to use more of the bleaching agent than is allowed in at-home whitening kits, your results may be better.

Also, with home bleaching kits or whitening strips, you need to use the product every day for a certain amount of days to achieve the desired results. When your dentist whitens your teeth, you'll only need one treatment. You will also avoid the potential mess or inconvenience of whitening strips or bleach trays that make up home whitening kits when your dentist bleaches your teeth. 

Gum Damage Potential With In-Home Kits

Because it's difficult to avoid getting the bleaching agent on your gums when you whiten your teeth at home, you may be at risk for irritation and even gum damage. In addition to gum irritation, you may also develop gum discoloration and inflammation when you use home whitening kits. Conversely, when you get your teeth whitened at your dentist's office, it will be done safely because your dentist will not allow the hydrogen peroxide to make prolonged contact with your gum tissue.

While you may not sustain permanent damage to your gum tissue by the occasional use of home bleaching kits, if you regularly use them, you may develop permanent dental sensitivity and persistent burning gums. Also, your dentist will not bleach your teeth if you have gum problems or enamel erosion. He or she will make sure that your mouth is in tip-top shape before bleaching your teeth to ensure that you don't encounter any problems.

If you want to brighten your smile, consider the above facts and talk to your dentist, who will further explain the similarities and differences between professional teeth whitening treatments and in-home bleaching kits. When you have all the necessary information, you can then make the teeth whitening choice that best suits your needs.