What’s Involved To Get A Dental Bridge

Do you need to have a tooth replaced and are considering a dental bridge? It helps to know what is involved with the procedure since it's not something that is done in a single visit. Here is what you can expect when getting a dental implant.

The Initial Consultation

The whole process starts with visiting a dentist to find out if you are even able to get a dental bridge. A bridge must be supported with healthy teeth that surround the gap. If you have teeth that you think can be used, you may be surprised to learn that it will be problematic to use them to support a bridge. Thankfully, a dentist can offer an alternative solution to your problems. They may recommend an implant to replace the missing tooth, or an implant to replace the unhealthy tooth and support the bridge.

The Preparation

A dental bridge is held in place by two supporting crowns, which means the dentist will need to prepare those teeth be having them down. There needs to be enough room to attach a crown on top of the tooth. Your dentist may give you a temporary bridge after this procedure is done.

The Mold

A mold will be made of the part of your mouth with the missing tooth. This will be used to create a unique bridge that will fit into that spot, with the goal of it feeling and looking natural. The mold is the best way to ensure that your bridge will have a perfect fit once it's installed.

The Bridge Creation

Many dentists use the help of an outside lab to create the crowns that will support the bridge and replace your missing tooth. This can take a week or two for the crowns to be made, which means that you must come back for a follow-up visit. The dentist will receive the new crown from the lab, inspect it to make sure that it is correct, then schedule the next visit with you.

The Installation

Your dentist will secure the final bridge to your teeth by using dental cement. They'll make sure that your bite alignment is correct and comfortable, and make alterations if necessary. You'll leave the office on this visit with a fully installed dental bridge.

The After Care

It is important that you practice regular brushing and flossing regularly to take care of your teeth. Those teeth that support the bridge must remain healthy if you want the bridge to last a long time.

For more information, contact a local dentist.