Why Choose Dental Bridges For Your Tooth Restoration Needs?

Tooth loss can have negative repercussions on aesthetic and practical levels. Fortunately, dental bridges can be used to restore missing teeth. Dental bridges are an alternative to dentures and dental implants that have their own positive attributes. Here are some reasons that patients choose dental bridges over their other options:

1. Enjoy a speedy recovery.

Recovery time is a factor that should be considered whenever a dental procedure is on the horizon. Your body needs time to heal after invasive procedures. The more invasive a procedure is, the more healing time is required. The process of getting dental bridges is minimally invasive. During the procedure, your dentist will shape one or two of your teeth to accommodate dental crowns, but they will not need to make any incisions into your gums. People who get dental bridges can fully recover within a couple of days. Meanwhile, people who get dental implants will need to recover for at least a few weeks. 

2. Simplify your oral care routine.

A good oral care routine is necessary for anyone who wants healthy teeth. If you're prone to forgetfulness and don't want to spend a lot of time caring for your teeth, it may be in your best interest to choose dental procedures that allow you to maintain the simplest possible oral care routine. Dental bridges are permanent prosthetics that are attached to a patient's mouth using dental bonding adhesive. One or two crowns are affixed to the patient's teeth in order to hold the prosthetic teeth in place. Unlike dentures, which must be removed nightly and cleaned separately, dental bridges will stay in the patient's mouth at all times. You can clean your dental bridges by brushing them along with your other teeth, which means you won't have to modify your oral care routine at all.

3. Choose an affordable option.

Dental bridges are affordable, especially when compared to other tooth restoration options. Dental implants can cost thousands of dollars. While implants are a good investment, some people may not be able to afford them upfront. Dental bridges are a less costly alternative with great longevity. Some dentists may also give patients the option of paying for their dental bridges in installments, which can help to make it even more affordable. Dental bridges also eliminate the need for patients to buy additional accessories, such as dental adhesives, that would be necessary for someone who wears dentures.