Is It Time To Visit A Dental Office For Wisdom Teeth Removal? 4 Warning Signs To Pay Attention To

Your parents probably never prepared you for wisdom teeth eruption in your late teens or early adulthood years. Although most people grow wisdom teeth, in some cases the tooth fails to emerge from the gums. If you are not comfortable with your wisdom teeth, you should consider removing them because they are not necessary for proper speech functions or chewing. In some cases, the tooth might emerge in the wrong place or remain hidden underneath due to inadequate space. Read on to learn the signs it is time for wisdom teeth removal.

1. Misaligned Teeth

As indicated above, wisdom teeth may emerge even if there's inadequate space on the gums. It may struggle to pop out, slowly pushing teeth out of position. The solution to teeth misalignment caused by a wisdom tooth is extracting it. If you experience this problem, visit a dental office for a proper examination. The examination may include looking at X-rays to better understand how the tooth is growing under the gums and confirm it as the source of misalignment. The specialist will remove it to avoid further tooth shifting.

2. Pain or Discomfort

The health and strength of your jaw rely on all your teeth and how they grow. If the wisdom tooth remains in the gums or fails to emerge appropriately, it can affect your bites. As a result, you may feel pain and stiffness in the jaw, making it challenging to close or open your mouth. Therefore, consider visiting a dental office for an examination and a lasting solution such as extraction.

3. Cysts Growing Around Affected Area

Besides feeling pain around the wisdom tooth, you might notice cysts growing within the same region. While follicular sacs aren't dangerous, they can be quite painful. If left unaddressed, they may also cause infections and damage your jaw, nerves, and tooth. Therefore, you should seek professional help immediately to avoid further pain and damage to your mouth.

4. Halitosis

Bad breath is often easy to control with high oral hygiene. However, brushing and flossing might be hard when you have broken wisdom teeth. You will struggle to clean those rear ends where the tooth sits. As a result, bacteria can breed and thrive in those hard-to-reach areas, producing bad breath. You might need to eliminate the tooth to solve the problem.

Don't wait until you are crying in pain to take action. Wisdom tooth extraction is easier if you do it early. Talk to your family dentist today to see if they offer wisdom teeth services to have yours removed and enhance your quality of life.