The Top 3 Reasons Why An Adult Might Lose Their Teeth

Tooth loss is one of the most disruptive things that can happen to an adult. This is because if you lose a permanent tooth, there is no way for it to grow back. Fortunately, you can get an implant, bridge, or denture. It is important to note that failure to replace the missing tooth is likely to affect the adjacent teeth, lead to weakening and atrophy of the gum tissue, and affect the shape of the face. As such, you should speak to a reputable dentist about restoration if you have experienced tooth loss from any of the following.

Poor Eating Habits

One of the leading causes of tooth loss among grownups is eating the wrong foods. Essentially, sugary and starchy foods are the main culprits in tooth damage. Sugar aids in the growth and multiplication of plaque bacteria in the mouth, so when you eat sugary foods frequently and don't follow it up with brushing and flossing, your teeth are susceptible to decay. It begins with enamel erosion and moves to the inner layers of the teeth. Thus, by the time cavities are apparent, you are already at risk of losing the tooth. Accordingly, you should minimize sugar consumption and adopt conscientious dental hygiene to avoid early tooth loss.

Injuries to the Face

Accidents can also lead to tooth loss. For example, getting hit in the face by a hard object like a ball can knock out your tooth. In some cases, it can lead to the chipping and cracking of a tooth. Regardless of the cause, the remedy for these accidents is seeing an emergency dentist. This professional can even help restore a knocked-out tooth, provided you have preserved it suitably.

Poor Oral Hygiene

Most people know that they should brush their teeth at least twice daily or after every meal. However, some may not practice this keenly. Furthermore, they might not be careful when selecting their toothpaste and other dental health care products. In this way, they leave important aspects of their dental hygiene to chance, which can lead to their developing caries and gum disease. A little-known fact is that using the wrong dental healthcare tools can create dental health issues. For example, an unsuitable brush can cause bleeding and abscesses in the gum. Going for ill-suited products can also increase tooth sensitivity and raise the likelihood of suffering red, swollen, and receding gums.

These are some of the most common reasons adults may lose their teeth. Harmful behaviors like smoking and tooth grinding also lead to early tooth loss. In many cases, learning how to care for your oral health can eliminate the risk of most of these issues. Additionally, having a dentist you can visit bi-annually helps to identify and resolve issues before they lead to tooth loss.