Top Benefits Of Cerec Same-Day Crowns

Dentists can restore decayed or broken teeth using CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics) crowns. They have some fantastic benefits today for patients who're good candidates. 

Quick Process

If you've had a damaged or decayed tooth for a while, you probably are tired of waiting for a fix. Fortunately, the wait time for dental crowns isn't long if you work with a dentist with access to CEREC technology.

They'll use said technology to take a digital impression of the affected tooth, a quick process if you follow your dentist's instructions to the letter. You can get dental crowns that fit perfectly and look natural on the day you go in. 

Whereas if you had a traditional dental crown made, the process would happen at a lab off-site, which can create a number of delays before you receive the crown.

Precise Sculpting 

For a crown to look natural after being placed on your damaged tooth, it must have suitable properties. For instance, it needs the correct shape and color. If you go in for CEREC dental crowns, you'll enjoy a precise sculpting process.

A certified dentist can sculpt a digital crown around the damaged tooth using advanced rendering software. They'll keep working until the crown is perfect in every way. Then a milling machine can produce an exact replica of the digital model, ensuring the real crown turns out perfect and sets up smoothly once you're ready. 

Avoid a Temporary Crown

Another disadvantage of getting a traditional crown is you typically need a temporary crown, at least until professionals make the official one at an off-site lab. Again, that leads to added time that you may not have.

Conversely, thanks to CEREC technology, you can have the final dental crown made in one day and avoid a temporary one altogether. You'll enjoy a much more convenient process and not have to see the same dentist a bunch of times. All that's required is a thorough evaluation of the damaged tooth. 

If you have a tooth that's severely compromised – whether it's because of decay or a portion that chipped – CEREC dental crowns might be able to fix it. You just need to work with a dentist with access to said technology and do as they say each time you visit their practice. Ultimately, you'll have a solid tooth that looks beautiful again if you rely on CEREC technology.

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