Lingual Braces? How They Benefit And How To Get Used To Them

If you need to get braces, but don't want to have braces that can be easily seen by the naked eye, then lingual braces are a wise choice for you. Like traditional metal-bracket braces, lingual braces go over the teeth to gently pull teeth into a more attractive and healthy position, but unlike traditional metal braces, lingual braces are far more discreet since they are placed on the backs of the teeth instead of on the front. Read More 

Three Ways That You Could Get A Dead Tooth

A dead tooth — typically evident by its grayish color — is more than just a visual concern. If you don't deal with this dental issue promptly, you're apt to experience a multitude of problems. When a tooth ties, it has a lot of harmful bacteria around it. The bacteria can multiply to affect the health of your gums and even your jawbone. Teeth can sometimes die as a result of longtime neglect, but a traumatic injury is just as likely to result in dead tooth. Read More