3 Dangers Of Prolonged Pacifier Use

Pacifiers provide a great deal of comfort to your baby, easing away any fussiness they feel while maintaining a peaceful home that benefits you and the rest of your family. Unfortunately, extended use of a pacifier can be dangerous to your child's dental development. Most dentists believe you should ween your baby off the pacifier before the age of two to avoid issues that affect their teeth and their underlying bite. Here are a few issues that may arise if your child continues to use their pacifier. Read More 

Do Dental Implants Pose Problems?

While dental implants are a common method of treating common tooth issues, the truth is that no method is completely void of risk. The good news is that dentists can address and treat most major issues with dental implants. If you face any major dental issues as a result of your implants, you have the opportunity to seek out help from a professional. Implants Can Loosen or Fall Out With time, a dental implant may fall out or become loose, typically because the bone does not create a good enough fusion with the implant. Read More 

How To Quickly Recover Your Appearance If Your Teeth Have Shifted After Having Braces

Getting braces as a child or young adult is something many people go through, and the results are typically spectacular. However, without proper maintenance and upkeep, teeth often shift again, returning to a crooked or uneven appearance. You can also have your teeth damaged by participating in physical activities like sports. If you once had a straightened smile and now don't like what you see in the mirror, you don't have to get braces again to restore your appearance. Read More 

How Overcrowded Teeth Can Harm Your Oral Health

If you have overcrowded teeth, chances are you feel self-conscious about how they make your smile look. Unfortunately, the problem with your teeth goes beyond simple appearances. Having overcrowded teeth can potentially worsen your oral health in three unique ways -- keep reading to learn more about them. Plaque When people have overcrowded teeth, it reduces the amount of space between each tooth. In many cases, the overcrowding becomes so bad that teeth cross over each other, partially occupying each other's spots. Read More 

Understanding Plaque And Tartar

Many people believe that tartar and dental plaque are associated with poor dental health. However, they may not know the difference between the terms. Here is a bit of information about the two substances to help you better understand what they are and how they are related. Dental Plaque Dental plaque is a sticky film that develops on the teeth. It consists of oral microbes, the biofilm that they emit, and food particles. Read More