Why Your Smile Should Be Mostly (But Not Totally) Symmetrical

In terms of your physical appearance, you might want things to be mostly symmetrical. One half of your face should more or less match the other half. You want a close, mostly symmetrical appearance, but not totally symmetrical. Such exact symmetry may look unnatural, and can therefore be undesirable. What about your smile?  Uniformity You may not want total symmetry, but there should be uniformity. For example, your lower left incisor tooth should match the size and shape of your lower right incisor. Read More 

Steps To Ease Tooth Pain Before Visiting A Dentist

Whenever you experience tooth pain, you should visit a dentist for treatment. Expert dental care is recommended because there are various causes of toothaches, and some are a bit complex to handle alone.  However, in some situations, it might be difficult to see the dentist right away. Maybe you have to wait for the appointment, or it's the weekend and they aren't working. If you're in this situation, you should learn to manage the pain as you wait. Read More 

Is It Better To Restore Your Teeth Without Metal?

If you'd like to restore your smile, you have many options to consider. One of the most important decisions is whether to use metal fillings or opt for a more natural approach. Metal fillings can be made from amalgam, which consists of silver, tin, and mercury. Both have been used successfully in dentistry for many years. However, its use has become less common. Here's why that might be. Metal-Free Fillings Are Cost-Effective Read More 

The Top 3 Reasons Why An Adult Might Lose Their Teeth

Tooth loss is one of the most disruptive things that can happen to an adult. This is because if you lose a permanent tooth, there is no way for it to grow back. Fortunately, you can get an implant, bridge, or denture. It is important to note that failure to replace the missing tooth is likely to affect the adjacent teeth, lead to weakening and atrophy of the gum tissue, and affect the shape of the face. Read More 

Do You Have Oral Implants? Find Out How To Care For Them

If you have lost a tooth or multiple, there is no need to worry about the glaring gap. Instead, you can consult a dental specialist about filling the gap to avoid other dental issues. Over the years, tooth implants have been a viable solution for many in similar situations. Notably, these implants require adequate care to ensure longevity and promote good oral health. Here are four care tips to keep in mind: Read More