Will an Autoimmune Disease Prevent You From Getting Dental Implants?

Almost any type of surgical procedure can be jeopardized when you cannot adequately heal from it. Of course, healing is a perfectly natural process, but for those with an autoimmune disease, your ability to heal can be disrupted or diminished. So what are your options when you need a dental implant as a permanent tooth replacement but are also affected by an autoimmune disease? 1. Degrees of Severity Having an autoimmune disease can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to your suitability to receive dental implants, but it won't necessarily exclude you. Read More 

Why Dry Mouth Is a Major Dental Issue

Most people give very little thought to the idea of dry mouth, but it is a common issue. In fact, dry mouth can lead to a lot of serious dental concerns that you have never considered. If you experience dry mouth, you may wonder if you should have concerns. This is what you should know about dry mouth. What Exactly Is Dry Mouth? Dry mouth is a common problem that results when the body does not produce the saliva it needs. Read More 

What’s Involved To Get A Dental Bridge

Do you need to have a tooth replaced and are considering a dental bridge? It helps to know what is involved with the procedure since it's not something that is done in a single visit. Here is what you can expect when getting a dental implant. The Initial Consultation The whole process starts with visiting a dentist to find out if you are even able to get a dental bridge. A bridge must be supported with healthy teeth that surround the gap. Read More 

Why You Want To See A Dentist For A Chipped Tooth

If you have chipped your tooth and are not in any pain, you might think about putting off going to the dentist until a later time. Maybe you have a very busy work schedule right now or you simply hate the thought of spending extra money. The thing is though, there are many good reasons for you to go see the dentist soon after chipping a tooth. Read more to find out why. Read More 

Invisalign: FAQs

If you are contemplating Invisalign, you probably have several questions regarding the treatment. It is important that you speak to your orthodontist about any questions or concerns that you may have early on to ensure that you are informed about your oral health. Invisalign, also known as clear braces, can provide numerous benefits to individuals who are in need of teeth straightening. Here are a few questions, with answers, that you may have regarding Invisalign. Read More