That Smarts! Your Guide To Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Whether you are having all your wisdom teeth removed or just a couple, the procedure can seem intimidating. Fortunately, having wisdom teeth removed sooner rather than later can make the process much easier than you might think and prevent infection along the way. When you better understand the wisdom tooth extraction process, you will be less likely to feel intimidated by the procedure. This guide will walk you through some of the most commonly asked questions. Read More 

Tips to Help a Toddler With Brushing

Practicing good oral hygiene is important for kids, especially when their teeth first start to come in. Unfortunately, actually brushing those teeth is easier said than done. These tips can help their brushing go a lot smoother, helping avoid those fights before bed. Create a Tooth Brushing Station A helpful technique to get your kid to brush their teeth is to give them choices. That's why you'll want to make a tooth brushing station where your kid has control over what they are using to brush their teeth. Read More 

Entering the Golden Years? 4 Steps to Prevent Dental Problems

Now that you're entering your golden years, taking care of your health is more important than ever. Part of caring for your health includes taking care of your teeth. You might not realize this but an unhealthy mouth can lead to serious health issues such as dementia and respiratory infections. You can help keep yourself healthy by taking care of your teeth. Here are four steps you should take to avoid dental problems in your golden years. Read More 

2 Oral Care Tips to Help Your Child Keep Their Stainless Steel Crowns Clean

Tooth colored fillings are often one of the most popular types of dental procedures used in children. However, if the decay is too extreme, then your child's dentist will recommend crowns. Crowns are made in a number of different materials, but stainless steel is commonly used because it is extremely durable. However, durability does not completely protect it from decay. If your child does not care for their stainless steel crown, then it can lead to further decay and a bacterial infection. Read More 

Getting To The Root Of The Problem: How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help Halitosis Under The Gums

One of the biggest reasons why your dentist tells you to floss is because there is a lot of trapped food and bacteria under your gum line. Even if you floss often, you may still experience halitosis. Cosmetic dentistry can actually help with the halitosis problem. Here is how that works. Deep Gum Cleaning A really deep gum cleaning that goes beneath the visible surfaces of your gums can remove a lot of the bacteria that is still trapped. Read More